Dinner Party Meal Kits

Our dinner party meal kits allow you to choose dishes that suit you and your guests tastes. Please choose from our set menus, you can choose either two or three courses per person. To keep things simple, we therefore advise that you choose one set menu and, where possible, the same dishes for each guest.

Furthermore, if you can’t find something that tickles your fancy or you have any questions about our luxury meal kits, please contact us on 01743 816114, alternatively email hello@hostspantry.com.

Our Hosting Meal Kits

We will be launching our winter hosting meal kits in November - keep checking back here for updates.

Our Very British Menu

From £12.50pp (2 courses) & £16.50pp (3 courses)

Steak Night Meal Kit

From £22.00pp (2 courses)

Create Your Own Luxury Meal Kit

Below you will find all of our available dishes to make your luxury meal kit. You can have as many or as few courses as you wish.

Remember - you will be preparing all of the dishes, therefore please make sure you check the preparation time for the dish so that you know what to expect.

To keep things simple we would also recommend that, where possible, you choose the same dishes for each guest. This will make sure that you're not juggling too many pots and pans, it also ensures that you get to sit down and enjoy the meal too!